The evolution of CMS monoposto

Monofast Eyeglass


Monofast is the evolution of CMS monoposto, the exclusive CMS system for the production of acetate and light alloy spectacle frames, designed  and built specifically for the eyewear industry and used by the most important optical manufacturers.  

With its improved flexibility, ease of use and productivity, monofast is able to automatically generate and start unattended production of a new  model in only four hours, from a drawing or a sample. monofast is the most powerful tool for the manufacturer that wants to respond quickly and  adapt its collections to constant changes in the market.


  • functional
  • easy to set and manage
  • high automation degree
  • power, productivity and flexibility
  • machinery and environment cleaning

fully automated

Fully automated. All is worked out in detail! The high level of automation and HW – SW integration  makes Monofast the winning solution. Blank magazines with automatic loading and unloading,  automatic tilting of the glass frame to machine the 6 faces with extreme ease. Maximum ergonomics and safety for the operator in a small space.

Only one click, or rather, one touch!

The innovative CMS Active interface, with an eye-catching touch screen, makes machine utilization increasingly easy for even the most inexperienced operator. Compatibility with all CAD systems, web diagnostics and daily reports on productivity complete the package.

The most advanced revolver on the market

Owing to powerful spindles and a 16-station zero time tool changer, flexibility and productivity are guaranteed. The possibility of managing angular transmissions makes it possible to carry out machining operations that are impossible with traditional tools.

always evolving

Cms is continuously evolving to find the best solutions to improve the manufacturing process. The innovative design guarantee high-quality performances and durability.

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