Rods milling and thicknessing machine



Numerically controlled eyewear machine tool for the milling and thicknessing of 4-axis movement bars with list positioning in the work area through a loading axis with withdrawal through suction cups.

The machining center can be equipped with up to 3 electrospindles, which can be positioned 2 vertical and 1 horizontal with respect to the list to be machined. Possibility of machining on a length up to 190 mm from the vice for material optimization.


  • Automatic loading of lists with continuous feeding;
  • Positioning in the work area through the load axis with suction cups;
  • Position reading through laser system both at the beginning and at the end of the list;
  • Possibility of complete cutting of the strip through a special slot and movement of the clamping vice, the area in which the strip is processed is always contrasted by the pieces presses present on all the electrospindles. (This configuration guarantees not to have wear on the table and an always keep an optimal contrast system);
  • Blocking of the list by means of the loading vice moved with the Y axis and pressing the piece on each electrospindle to ensure stability of the working point;
  • Programming with standard ISO language for 3-axis machining;
  • The cycle time is 1 milled and thickened rod every 10 – 40 seconds (variable according to the ISO program), the unloading of the shaped rods takes place through the rear chute;
  • All 3 electrospindles have a speed of 24000 rpm and can be liquid or air cooled, while the tool length takes place through laser measurement;
  • List sizes up to a length of 1450mm and a width between 80mm and 180m.

main features

The MultiStar is an automatic work center for the insertion of hinges with a vision and movement system on 6 axes with universal equipment with the following characteristics:

  • Machine structure in black granite which ensures stability and precision in handling, completely eliminating vibrations due to rapid acceleration of the axes
  • Axis movement through maintenance free linear motors and step motors for rotary axes, parallel front grippers and loader hinges
  • Universal tooling for both flat and curved faces 6 NC-controlled axes that allow you to work the front and insert the hinge with any desired positioning
  • Guided management software for simple and easy tooling, as well as for making vulute adjustments on angles and insertion positions 2 vision cameras for front geometry detection and insertion position as well as for the machine set up
  • The cycle time starting from 36 seconds / piece with automatic loading and unloading (variable depending on the model) 2 interchangeable and universal hinge magazines for all types of hinges Carter that can be completely opened from the front through pneumatic door and sensitive protective edge.
  • Windows Embedded operating system to ensure stability and ease of use of the system Front hinge insertion and recognition programs carried out directly in the machine through simple guided procedures User friendly interface software with guided procedures, possibility of connection for remote management and remote assistance (Industry 4.0).
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